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Nilai University

Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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10 months, 3 weeks ago


Here is a true advise from a senior who was a holding of diploma on aircraft maintenance engineering cert. First of all, before you want to study in this course u must understand the reality and the current situation in this field . Nowadays, easa is no longer recognised in Malaysia. It means that after u completed ur study and u plan to work on this field, ur employer rate is very low unless you have some connection inside the airport. Secondly, if u worked in Malaysia, your easa paper will be nothing because Malaysia only recognised DCAM which is malaysia certified paper in order you want to become licensed aircraft engineer. Next, the other situation in this field is too many manpower. Once upon a time, whenever an airlines want to recruit intern they will pay give allowances for student. But now, because of too many suppliers(college or uni) for internship, the airline will not bother about the shortage of manpower. So, for those who want to have internship in airline need to either become free labour or pay labour( which means you pay to company to gain experience). After that , it is not job guaranteed for them unless there is a slot and the company wants to recruits you. This is the fact and challenges u need to face after u graduated. Third, if u want to work oversea, easa will be the primary choice for you but the requirement for oversea is at least one year experiences in aviation field and you need to be very smart to inspire the interviewer. But now, in order u want to fulfill the first requirement, u can either free labour or pay labour for company or u are recruit by company. Fourth, In order to become licensed aircraft engineer in Malaysia, the first is the company need to have a slot. And then, they will pick those who completed dcam paper and have an interview with them. One thing must understand is company need to invest many ten k per person to promote the person to become licensed aircraft engineer. After the slot is full, there will no longer provide this training after few years. So, there is no 5 years experiences and guaranteed to become licensed aircraft engineer. It is depends on the company situation. So, unless you are very passionate in aircraft if not it is not recommended to study. The salary offer for technician was not high unless u become licensed aircraft engineer. And the chances to become licensed aircraft engineer is not high. It is just a simple theory. How many manager do a company needed. It is the same thing as in airline too. How many aircraft engineer do airline needed.


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