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Australian Institute of Music
My sister studied in AIM (contemporary performance) and she thought it was great and life-changing. the overall courses and opportunities in AIM is framed better for contemporary musicians.
Thang Long University
qualified accomodation and good education. Students can enjoy festival every year at the beginning of each year. Thang long uni has Face id which is very modern. This college offers many music festivals
Almaarefa University
AlMaarefa University, Dir'ea Riyadh, set up in 2009 belongs to the new generation of private higher educational institutions in Saudi Arabia. It is distinct among its peers as it vigorously pursues the well-known tripod goals of modern universities namely- excellence in teaching, formidable in research and outstanding in community service. Universities in general are regarded as the bastion of churning out cutting-edge research and shaping new people through excellent teaching. The desire to transform Arab Gulf States universities along conventional global pattern has become imperative given the velocity of changes that rapidly occurs in the system. As an acquaintance who mingles with the students and alumni of the university, I am impressed with the depth of knowledge being imparted on the students. I am prompted also to take a look at the course content of various programs of AlMaarefa University. One is marveled with the richness and comprehensiveness of their programs that
BERJAYA University College
I do not have any positive highlights. There are too many negative highlights that occurred particularly during the MCO period. Certain sources also mentioned about BUC filtering out the bad revirws in their website, only showing good reviews to public.
Brentwood Open Learning College
Nothing, I have literally no good things to say. Perhaps the saving grace is that I didn’t pay full price...........…......... and I have to keep going for 140 characters!
Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS)
The only good thing I can say is that the lecturers were good. ................................................................................

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