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INTI International College Penang
Some lecturers are really good but that's about it. The ones taht are good manage to command attention without resorting to childish methods and really try to help students do well and understand the lectures.
UCSI University
Nice environment. The staffs and students here are friendly. UCSI University has many courses and nice buildings, with well equipped facilities. The clubs and events organized by the university are fun too.
INTI International College Subang
I would say that inti college is one of the best choice among all as the facilities here are quite full. Besides that, the lecturers at inti are good and are able to help you out whenever you have any questions. Inti college is not only studying but it encourages students to participate activities as well. There are a lot of clubs and society here, and there must be something that you like. Moreover, there are a lot of restaurants around inti so you won't have to worry about your meal at all! However, if you don't want to eat outside, cafeteria is also a good choice as there are a lot of good food too.
SEGI College Subang Jaya
The college has a wide selection of courses and the lecturers are both professionals and dedicated. The admin staff too are very supportive and helpful. It also has programs that encourages one to get together to share ideas,etc
Stanley College
Stanley College is one of the best colleges in Perth, Western Australia. They provide a variety of diploma and certification courses in Health, Business and Management, Early Childhood Education, English, Accounting etc. Key factors that make them a good choice for students: 1. Qualified trainers and support staff 2. Intended to improve your personal development with your academic growth 3. Provides Work-based training in real workplaces 4. Weekly Social, sporting and cultural activities Good Work Stanley College. Keep it up. All good wishes to you!
RWTH Aachen University
The only positive thing about this university is that it is in Europe. In general is a terrible university, the treatment provided for foreigners students is awful and there you need to speak a perfect German otherwise they treat even worse. I don’t recommend.

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