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One of the more popular courses in Malaysia, Mass Communication and Media Studies provide students with a more flexible option upon graduation. With technological advancements under digitization, many new markets and positions requiring specific skills have opened up, many of which fall under the umbrella of Mass Communication and Media Studies. One such example is Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing – while subdivisions of Marketing, both have come to be integral positions within organizations, with demands for them increasing by the year. The creation, editing, translation, and dissemination of information is more in-demand than ever, that is why a career in the Mass Communication and Media Studies is very promising.

Due to the popularity of the course in Malaysia, many top universities and colleges offer Mass Communication and Media Studies courses, each with unique and innovative twists on what is taught and the manner of teaching as well. For example, University of Nottingham’s Malaysia campus offers degrees in International Communication studies with the option of minors in English Language and Literature or Film Studies, as well as a compulsory language module. Much of what is taught in the course is theoretical, with a focus on cultural studies. Meanwhile, institutions such as Management and Science University (MSU) and Taylor’s University offer more practical courses in Communication and Media Studies, allowing students to pursue more hands-on learning for applicable skills. The choice, ultimately, is the student’s, according to what they themselves hope to gain from their Mass Communication and Media Studies course in Malaysia.


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